Qualcomm Announces EVDO Rev. B Roadmap

Qualcomm has announced the roadmap to EVDO Revision B. Starting with
the Mobile Station Modem MSM7850 EVDO Rev. B chipset, it will
support downstream speeds of up to 9.3Mbps over 5Mhz of spectrum.

The MSM7850 is scheduled to start sampling at the end of the year with
a software update available at the end of the month for the Cell Site
Modem CSM6800 to enable multi-carrier EVDO Rev. B service. EVDO Rev. B
will allow for simultaneous voice and data calls with either CDMA or
VoIP, with additional spectrum and capacity efficiency achieved through
VoIP. High end devices could support a theoretical maximum downlink of
73.5 Mbps with lower cost and/or current devices achieving 4.9Mbps.