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4 responses to “ 2-Month Giveaway V: Rare Black Motorola E815 (Alltel)”

  1. Niki Gunn

    i would really love to have one of these phones. I think that the motorola E815 was the best phone made and i have been looking for several hours tryin to find another one but it is really difficult, no one carries them anymore.

  2. Angel Rivera

    Were can i buy one of thouse All Black Motorola E 815. Im able to find the gray silver ones, But i prefer a all Black one.. Please let me were i can buy a Black motorola E 815

    Thank You………….


    Yah I just paid for 2 thinking I could activate them. Verizon tried but it will not go through. I cant even call 611 or anything. Im very upset at this point. These are good phones . The phone keep saying no service. Oh well back to the drawing board. Does anyone knows of anybody that activates these phones?