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3 responses to “Palm Pre Tip: Save Power with Bluetooth PAN for My Tether”

  1. J9m

    Nice. This is exactly the kind of application and consumer functionality that the new FCC Net Nutrality rules are expressly designed to protect. ESPECIALLY for Wireless.

    I can only hope the Republican-sponsored bill to cut off funding for this FCC initiative DIES a a slow, horrible death.

  2. JJ

    Yea, i was reading on the net neutrality rules. ATT and Verizon are both going to fight it saying that the wireless networks wont be able to handle all the traffic if this happens. My answer to that is, make the networks better and more efficient. Plus with 4g around the corner this shouldn’t be a problem. Im all for allowing the pre and all other great smartphones out there to be free to do what they were intended for, a Great Web expirience.