Palm Announces Treo 750 Series

Palm today took the wraps off the Treo 750 series. The Treo 750 is the first UMTS Treo, as well as the first Treo to carry an internal antenna. Like the Treo 700w(x), the Treo 750 will run Windows Mobile 5.2 with Palm Enhancements.

However, the Treo will not carry the absolute latest-and-greatest. The Treo 750 will lack Bluetooth 2.0 (only carrying 1.2), and will not use HSDPA. The SD Card slot has been reduced to a miniSD card slot, removing support for traditional SDIO expansion (such as WiFi). All Treo 750 models will carry quad-band GSM/EDGE and tri-band UMTS.

The first of these new Treo 750 units will be the 750v, exclusive to Vodafone. Also of note, at least the Treo 750v will include MS Voice Command standard. The 750c will launch on Cingular in the fourth quarter of this year.

Treo 750v Launch Site