Opera Mini 4 Dimension Beta Released

Opera has released the first beta of their Opera Mini 4 “Dimension” beta. The new browser replaces (once again) the browser experience. The new version is similar to Microsoft’s Deepfish, giving users a cursor to zoom in and view portions of a web page, then zoom out for navigating to other parts of the web page.

As with any first beta, Opera cautions that this beta is unfinished, that there are bugs, and that it lacks key security features not present in previous versions. However, unlike past betas of Opera Mini, you can keep Opera Mini 3.1 installed on your device while testing 4.0. Users can download Opera Mini 4 by opening mini.opera.com/beta from almost any Java-enabled mobile device. Palm and BlackBerry users can also perform a manual installation using the link below.

Opera Mini 4 Beta
New Features in Opera Mini 4