Nokia Selected By Sprint-Nextel To Roll Out Mobile WiMax In Texas

Nokia has announced that Sprint-Nextel has awarded it the Texas markets
of Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Austin for the rollout of Mobile
WiMAX services in the first half of 2008 using a complete end to end
solution beginning with the Nokia Flexi Base Station.

From the press release:

“The Nokia Flexi WiMAX Base Station allows operators to optimize the
costs of siting and operating WiMAX infrastructure equipment through
its small, modular size.  Its compact size and lightweight,
weather-proof design minimizes the space, power consumption, and
physical effort required to install and run high-quality WiMAX
networks.  Additionally, its modularity allows for easy
capacity upgrades as traffic increases and efficient use of existing or
new base station sites. All these characteristics are also critical to
ensure an environmentally friendly solution. Nokia will also supply its
Access Service Network (ASN) Gateway and NetAct network management
platform as well as planning, deployment, and care services.”

In addition to supplying Sprint Nextel with WiMAX network
infrastructure, Nokia will also develop WiMAX-enabled mobile devices,
including multimedia computers and Internet tablets, which are expected
to be available in 2008.

Nokia will showcase its complete mobile WiMAX infrastructure solution
and demonstrate mobile WiMAX technology at CTIA Wireless 2007 in
Orlando, Fla. at the end of March.

Release (Nokia)