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26 responses to “Nokia N9 Owners Ask Nokia to Uphold Their Commitment to Updates Through 2015”

  1. john

    I think that Nokia has given more support to these customers than the vast majority of android phones have ever had, also the N9 is not exploding like apples 5300 was. That said, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give the customers a windows phone to replace it, the Windows Mobile OS is the most well balanced in my opinion.

  2. Ted

    While the PowerBook 5300 did have some “explosive” toxicity, that was before Steve Jobs’ return to Apple. Apple (pre-Jobs) recalled and replaced the Li-ion batteries for the 5300 with NiMH batteries.

    Keep in mind, Li-ion at the time was cutting edge tech. Apple did the right thing and replace it with NiMH.

    The big problem for Nokia is, the N9 is their 5300. It has left a tainted image for the entire company, long after sales stopped. So what if it got a few updates? Doesn’t matter that it got more than many Android phones. Nokia promised more.

    They promised a steady, progressive level of support through 2015. Bugs aren’t fixed. Services are starting to crud out since WebKit isn’t being maintained.

    Nokia should either cut a deal with Jolla to get the N9 running Sailfish, or buy the phones back one by one. Anything less will show Steven Elop is no Steven P. Jobs.

  3. Mike

    I have an N9. It’s the best smartphone Nokia has ever produced. The UX with MeeGo is great. I’m happy with it. Yes, it want Nokia to update the software.

    I have zero interest in Windows Phone and would not accept a Lumia 920 trade-in.

  4. Saul

    Please don’t post stuff that has little to no basis in knowledge/fact, you’ve done this a few times in the past too.

    The MeeGo initiative falling apart had zero to do with weakening support from Nokia, the only similarity Harmattan shared with MeeGoCE, was that there was an ABI binary compatibility layer, that’s it. Support dropped-off simply because Nokia reneged on it’s promise to maintain strong & consistent support (which it alluded to several times, at all levels of management).

    It had originally planned a large long-term contract to continue with at least one more major release beyond 1.3, but that was dropped at the last minute last year, instead & much smaller contract was inserted + a tiny team was maintained within Nokia, instead of being disbanded completely.

  5. Saul

    Also, the vast majority of the Harmattan team didn’t just spontaneously leave to form Sailfish/Jolla. The only reason they weren’t there for future releases, is because Nokia decided not to keep them, you make it sound like Nokia had no choice because everyone decided to leave, that’s not the case, most were given redundancies.

    “as well as backporting future MeeGo developments from the mainline MeeGo branch.”

    No that would never have occurred, once Nokia was out in Feb. the project was a dead man walking, work for MeeGo handsets had barely even started by that point, as the idea was to evolve from Harmattan to MeeGo proper by approx Q3 2012. Intel pulling out had little appreciable effect, as it was never doing much towards handsets anyway. If Nokia had continued strong support, it would’ve been support based solely on Harmattan, “even if” real MeeGo had continued (which was always extremely unlikely after Feb 11). If Nokia hadn’t killed-off future meego devices, then sure, a port (community or otherwise) of real meego to harmattan devices would most likely have occurred, but that was not to be.

  6. Mantsoa

    nokia n9 sucks big time,it does not consists of whatsapp unlike nokia lumia and the ashas,so i wasted my money thought i will get better software,i used to be a reliable customer for nokia,but with this so called smartphone!i am not getting what i have paid for,PLEASE NOKIA PEOPLE FIX THE PROBLEM

  7. Saul

    If you’re srsly basing how good a entire OS is on one popular (but highly questionable) app, then there’s not much going on upstairs. Aside from that, it’s well-known that the community developed app Wazapp is in-fact better than the official version on most platforms. “However” in the last few mths dev has slowed, & Whatsapp on the other major platforms (iOS/Android) is “finally” (only recently) reaching feature parity.

  8. Saul

    “Nokia’s statements for continued support for the N9 obviously hinged on Intel sojourning on with MeeGo.:

    It had zero to do with that, Nokia was driving the handset side of things, when it pulled out of meego, meego for handsets was dead. The plan was always to use harmattan for at least one more generation. Pulling out of meego proper had zero impact on them being able to provide support for harmattan longer-term, zero. But continue to just invent stuff, by all means…

  9. Saul

    “who Nokia obviously appreciates as a backup plan, considering they were willing to license patents and allow for Sailfish to develop in a sheltered environment.”

    This is more pure conjecture, they’ve already clarified this in countless interviews now…
    They are not in any way some kind of secret backup plan, nor are they in some kind of unofficial alliance with Nokia.

  10. Nokia User
  11. david

    noki we n9 users need ur help

    1. Jeff

      Nice (pointless) necro…
      Read the comments here by Saul, they’re “on the money”.
      The article here has “veins of accuracy/truth”.

  12. Jeff

    The “relationship” was nothing more then a fancy redundancy scheme, which is common for that type of industry, esp. in that country/region. Some journos were claiming that it was a longer-term strategic relationship, Saul has so far proven to be 100% right that it was not.

    “, I’m sure Microsoft will use their coffers to honor Nokia’s commitment for N9 updates through 2015. ”

    Heh, that’s a good one, hilarious…

    “And, with that, our latest threaded comments testing patch appears to have been successful.”


  13. Jeff

    Oh THAT’s the only reason you bothered to reply, I see…

    Jolla HAS refuted suggestions in the media that they were in some sort of alliance, they’ve done that a number of times now, ages ago. They’ve stated pleasantries & happiness to work with Nokia, of course they would, but that’s where things concrete begin/end (aside from the redundancy system in place).

    Oh wow, amazing crystal ball there… jk ;-P

    Android has turned out to be pretty solidly their “plan B”, but it was prolly never really executed with “absolute conviction”, it was more of a stick/carrot to ensure M$ was more motivated to move ahead with an acquisition.

    I prefer journo 😉

  14. Jeff

    “Jolla HAS refuted suggestions in the media that they were in some sort of alliance, they’ve done that a number of times now, ages ago.”

    Tried to find where they have before, not having any luck, I’ve gotten in touch with Stefano (CTO/founder), I’m sure they have publicly confirmed they’re not on “at least” one occasion.

    Of course, things can & do change, they’d be silly to rule-out being in a close alliance “ever”, but the suggestions that they’ve been one more-or-less since the outset, are just plain wrong.

    1. Jeff


      …but the suggestions that they’ve been one more-or-less since the outset, are just plain wrong.


      …but the suggestions that they’ve been in one more-or-less since the outset, are just plain wrong.

  15. Jeff

    Nope, the gifting thing at the time was a complete furfy, Nokia/Jolla later came out & publicly denied gifting of patents, the bridge program was conflated/confused with the giving of patents, the latter did not happen:

    1. Jeff

      Oh c’mon now, just admit you’re wrong & Saul was right, people aren’t always right…
      No need to concoct a load of baloney to cover your statements, they made it very clear that no IP was provided. It did come out MUCH later that Jolla has “licensed” (no gifting!) the Nokia HERE platform, but even that was only a subset of HERE.

      If they had all that wonderful IP protection, why haven’t they been more aggressive about going into NA sooner? They’ve stated in numerous occasions that the IP regime is one of the primary reasons they’re taking it very carefully/slowly before entering that region, & hence are focussing more on others 1st.

      1. Jeff

        “they made it very clear that no IP was provided” = both parties

  16. MujySr

    i am very satisfied from my N9 and i will never replace it with any wp device, maybe i replace it with a jolla device. so i think the only way nokia have to fix this problem is to make adeal with jolla company to port sailfish completly to N9. or maybe there will be legal war between nokia and N9 users.