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6 responses to “MVNO Zer01 Mobile Touts Unlimited Flat-Rate Calling and Data Over Own Data Network”

  1. Daniel H.

    I gotta say … I’m somewhat interested.

  2. celz

    lmao this wont work.. like at&t will let jailbroken iphones work… sounds good but at&t has bad enough voice and data as it is.. trying to squeeze voice out of edge is ridiculous.. this might work in 3 to 5 years

  3. SaltyDawg

    Unlimited voice, data, and messaging for $70 per month on the AT&T network, using whatever GSM phone you want? This is going to be a very popular item!

  4. Christopher Price

    ReadyLink and other SIP calling platforms work fine over EDGE. However, I think the point is that this solution will cater to consumers who are generally in 3G-covered areas to begin with.

  5. Nancy

    sounds good in theory and honestly I’d be interested in trying it out.

    The only concern of mine is the reliability aspect. ATT does offer a large coverage area with roaming included but they aren’t exactly known for being very reliable.

    I mean, my data connection gets dropped or defaulted back to EDGE all the time for no apparent reason on a weekly basis.

    Can VOIP work okay over EDGE or GPRS connections?

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