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3 responses to “Motorola Officially Announces Hint QA30”

  1. deeskillz2000

    Is it me? Or does this phone look EXACTLY like the UT Starcomm Blitz on Verizon Wireless?

  2. Christopher Price

    The Blitz took a long time to get released… and Motorola has been looking to make a messaging phone (sans Windows Mobile).

    But no, you’re not crazy.

    The phone will be running modified versions of Synergy (no, that’s not Linux/MOTOMAGX pictured above, it’s an old-OS theme made to look like MOTOMAGX).

  3. deeskillz2000

    I honestly wish that Moto would have released this phone earlier ( and on VZW ) simply for the fact that it is 3G capable … unlike the Blitz. Overall, they are both great for tweens but peope will simply look at this device and think “…. wow, the Motorola version of the Blitz….”. The interface looks great though. I sincerely hope that this isn’t the death-knell for Moto.