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6 responses to “Motorola i872, i335, CABO Revealed”

  1. James Nelson

    Sprint wil be the number one company in time. Wi- max is the best thing every created on a wirless phone and sprint will be out every company with this new project.

  2. James Nelson

    Also these new phones will be great. Sprint is the future, mark my words.

  3. Chris

    Sprint will go belly up if they dont do something about there poor customer service.

  4. Dejan

    Let’s give credit where credit is due: Motorola finally convinced those morons at Sprint to finally add on some new phones onto the Nextel iDEN-only side. And it’s about time. Personally, the only phone that’s even worth considering is the Cabo. Personally, I’d love to see it mated with a WiMAX chipset. That would be truly awesome, in my book, but hey….based on what I know about it so far, it’s good enough as is…just have to see whether Motorola (or Sprint for that matter) prices the Cabo out of my (and most everyone else’s) price range. I hope the phone comes in at under $200 w/ WiMAX. Otherwise, this phone shouldn’t cost more than $149 if it doesn’t come with WiMAX (sorry, wifi should not command any premium whatsoever in my opinion).

  5. Jake

    if they come out with this it will be $300 easily. nextel phones are expensive. a phone comparable to the original razr(without the looks)is $200, which just dropped to $100 a year after release. a nextel blackberry which normal carriers outed a YEAR AGO is still $200

  6. мегачван

    зачёды iDEN
    хочу такой…