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3 responses to “Motorola Announces Crush for U.S. Cellular”

  1. Christopher Price

    We finally get to see what the phone looks like without Verizon screwing up the user interface. It’s nice, but it appears they continue to block access to the Linux underpinnings.

    Personally, I don’t see why Motorola even bothers with continuing this line of R&D. Importing their chinese MING OS to CDMA seems like a waste at this point, with Android able to cover the mid-range budget touch phone market nicely. Especially if you’re going to neuter out the MING app store.

  2. Hey Man

    What the hell does that mean? haha i just wanna know if it is good or not

  3. Shawna Swisher

    i have the phone, i love it.
    granted it has only been a week.. but my parents and my little sister all got the phone and they love it as well, it is easy to use and one of the best touch screen phones ive ever used.