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8 responses to “MetroPCS Launches Samsung Code”

  1. Don Louie

    There aren’t any extra charges, monthly, for this or the Curve they sell right?

  2. Pikroausa

    Finally a decent Phone from MetroPCS… Let’s see how works…

  3. IT Guy

    The dying Windows Mobile operating system that is used on this Samsung phone is losing market share because of the clunky interface inconsistencies that Microsoft introduced.

    Samsung’s better products instead use the new Google Android operating system, which is where the market is headed. Samsung’s entry-level Android phone is the i7500, and soon there will be the high-end i5700 Spica, also featuring Android.

  4. marvin from marvelous technology

    the 50 dollar mail in rebate dose not exist in the detroit market. I know because I an authorized dealer with MetroPCS, please get the facts right – don’t confuse people

  5. Christopher Price

    MetroPCS has not stated that the rebates are area-specific. If anyone was confusing here, it was MetroPCS, which provided us those details.

  6. sam

    chris, this site is confusing. it only takes a minute to check the price of the phone before you post the article. its amazing how you have to throw the blame on metroPCS. this is just another reason why phonenews is unreliable. it doesn’t matter if you change because I won’t be back here.

  7. meangene

    FINE ! ! ! ! Don’t come back! We don’t need your useless phone knowledge! Man, whats his deal?