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7 responses to “Sprint to Buy iPCS for $426 Million, Ends Litigation and Pending iDEN Divestiture”

  1. grant

    Thats good news. Now sprint will not have to shutdown the nextel network.

  2. Don Louie

    I knew January was going to be a bad time if they didn’t get this resolved, now this is one less headache

  3. parrott84

    This is bad reporting, Sprint still has 2 affiliates, shentel and swiftel.

  4. Christopher Price

    We’ll get that corrected. It should say the largest remaining affiliate. Sorry about that, we’re going to avoid this in the future by adding additional editors in the review process.

  5. Don Louie

    I thought that was the last of the affiliates too, this seems to be the last of the troubling ones

  6. Sprint STORE A2508

    This is horrible reporting as an employee of IPCS to say that are service is subpar to Sprints is downright disgusting. I work in a large market for IPCS and have customers praise how much better our Affiliate owned corporate store operates the actual Sprint corporate stores. We give way better deals on phones with new service and upgrades without M.I.Rs. No ******** customer service and we do what ever it takes to make a customer satisfied with our service. In fact the only thing that we cannot do in our stores is exchange phones bought directly from Sprint Corporate. Have you the reporter ever been to an IPCS Owned Corporate Store? We invite you to come see our level of service and our passion for our customers anyday at 4030 East 53rd St. Davenport, IA. So please revise your article about IPCS I do not talk about how your reporting is Subpar to ***********. And your shouldnt do the same about IPCS.

  7. Don Louie

    More trouble from iPCS with the shareholders suing because they feel the buyout is cheating them