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25 responses to “MetroPCS Launches BlackBerry Curve 8330 via Best Buy (Updated)”

  1. Bionic

    I currently pay $345 per month for 3 Blackberries with data and voice. METROPCS please launch nationwide coverage!!! Please Please Please!!! I would switch in a heartbeat. The fact that your data service only work in major cities and the voice plan will incur $.19 per minute fees when “roaming” is the deal breaker for me. But in the mean time, I will still call my current provider and talk to them about this new MetroPCS blackberry plan. You would be surprised in what you can get just by talking to people. Maybe I may get some sort of credit on my bill just for thinking about switching.

  2. Rod

    WOW 449.00 is pricey I’m going to start saving though within 3 months I will have recoup my money by going with a big company ATT charges 30.00 alone for data on a smartphone thats not including minutes sure 100.00 for a phone but your bill is over 100.00 a month thats 1200.00 a year versus 600.00 a year and over 2 years you have blowed the big guys away I’m a ATT cust until JULY when my contract up I’m leaving ASAP it’s a reccession!

  3. Mike

    I went on Metro PCS website and if you go to “Plans” you can see thy added a new tab for “Smartphone Plans” which is for the new addition the blackberry curve. The interesting part is when you look at the note right next to the curve picture, it says “More Smartphones coming soon” which probably means they will bring more blackberries into their line up of phones, fortunally won’t take that long.

    PS: I think the price of $449 for the curve is just the right price for the type of phone, if you want a cheap phone go with the $49 phone, remember if you go to the other carriers you may pay less for the phone but only if you sign a two year contract where you will be paying way more for the monthly service, do the math is very simple.Just my opinion.

  4. 3r P1k

    I think that $449 is a little bit high price.. But it’s unlimited service… Well Finally after 2 years Metro offers Smart Phones. Soon you gonna hear that the other carriers gonna down prices on they’re plans..

  5. Max.- Number One

    New Metro PCS BLACKBERRY Curve

    So Metro PCS started offering the blackberry curve with an unlimitted voice and data plan for $50 / month includding BIS. and an additional $10 if you need BES.

    How do you all think this is going to affect other carriers ?

    I think competition will get tougher.

    I know metro is small carrier but they are expanding fast and they have even mentioned about deploying LTE by 2010.

    With the economy the way it is right now i believe a lot of people are going to start thinking of metro if they need a smartphone from now on.

    Feel free to start commenting.

  6. Mike

    I was told Metro stocks went up after they annouced the blackberry and they supposely will anouce more news in the fore coming weeks.
    Go ahead insiders, Spill the beans.

  7. Dave

    I gotta think that the lack of true nationwide coverage will scare a lot of people away. Most Blackberry users are business professionals who travel a lot of depend on their phone. Sure, $50 for unlimited data/voice is great, but it doesnt matter if you cannot use your phone where you need it. I will bet the Curve will be a good selling phone for MetroPCS, but it wont make a dent in other carriers subscriber base.

  8. Leo

    Has anyone actually bought the phone, can you tell how is it working on metro’s network ?

  9. Raina

    I’ve had mine for two days and I’m loving it. I’m posting this reply via my new metro blackberry. I have been following the updates here. A metro pda has been a myth for years. But needless to say its very tangible now. Every app that I’ve downloaded works except for streaming radio. Facebook, Twitterberry, whatever else they all work. This is the real deal. I’ve been with metro since the first month they offered service in atlanta. I have been ridiculed by all my peers for years. I talk and text to much I need an unlimited service and now I have unlimited data. When you go to certain sites like youtube you’ll get a message where they warn you of possible charges you’ll have as a result of viewing their site. They actually recommend you upgrade to a plan with unlimited data. I just cliked right past that cause with metro there are no limits.

  10. mike

    I wonder if any insider has any news in reference to other blackberry phones that Metro PCS will be releasing anytime this year besides the curve 8330.

  11. karon

    yeah $450 is a bit insane price wise. they should lower the price a bit.
    but im glad metro has finally arrived in the future with offering smart phones.

    apparently this summer they will start to sell the Instinct.

  12. Tonyknuckles

    I was actually curious whether anyone has jumped ship from Verizon or Sprint onto the MetroPCs network. I looked over their site and it says they can use a program to make phones network viable. Sprint is killing me with contract and would like to jump over to MetroPCS if possible.

  13. laura

    hey does anybody if it will come to new york???

  14. Qteimoprta

    people no offense. that phone is pricey. very pricey. but its a blackberry…..what did yew expect? nd also…if it works good den just buy it…yewll get yewr money back durin yewr monthly payments…..which happen to be cheap….nd if yew still think it pricey….dont buy it nd stop complainin…yew should be happy dey finall got a good phone…or just get da new one comin out next month. it pwetty nd cheapier. (no offense but get a life! ‘yea i need one to’)

  15. Sherene Grant

    I really want to buy this phone but i dont understand why the black berry is too expensive. Lower the price PLEASE PLEASE. So people would actually BUY IT

  16. Joe Lund

    I bought the phone becuase I am getting a divorce and I needed to save all of my messages into a computer so that I can print them up and use them for court. I had to buy another software for my computer to convert the messages its called ABC Blackberry converter. I have to say it works great except the phone does not download applications that use streaming services. That is a problem but everything else seems to work great. Good going Metro Pcs you are handing Verizon and the other carriers something to chew on that will not taste very good.

  17. kimberly

    I just got this phone and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Metro Pcs for coming out with such a wonderful phone.

  18. adrian

    The bb is great on da metro network!!! I got a black one which is very rare!! You all want the metroBerry cheap? Check eBay, buy the original not the flashed one.. But this fone is good on metro network, and for only 50 a month I can tlk, text, and web all day evriday!!!!

  19. jackie

    i paid $399.99 for my METRO blackberry curve.
    i love it!
    it is the best phone everr

  20. Christina

    Yah I have same question as mike above. I currently have the Metro PCS blackberry but would like to purchase a newer or another version upgraded version of it. Will Metro PCS be releasing new blackberries anytime this year besides the curve 8330?

  21. felicia

    looking 4 a blackberry but they dont have it in nyc 🙁 why

  22. kenny

    can anyone tell us new yorkers when metro pcs is releasing the blackberry.

  23. i want a blackberry

    i want a blackberry w/ metropcs

  24. Samuel

    Hello my name is samuel i have a metro pcs phone right now the metro samsung but i want alot of info of the metro blackberry cause im gonna buy one, one day so send me a e-mail back. thank

  25. Tyler

    i would love a blackberry but i cant decide a touch screen samsung or the blackberry