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5 responses to “MetroPCS Announces Unlimited International Calling”

  1. John Votava

    This is a nice offer if you plan to call landline-only numbers in 82 of the 100 countries specified. Read the fine print: You can only call wireless phone numbers in 18 countries on this plan, but Mexico isn’t one of them. And if you’re roaming in Cricket territory you should plan on paying $0.19/minute. Smells like BS to me.

  2. Carlos

    Yup. Calling landlines for cheap is not exactly groundbreaking and Vonage beat them to this concept although Metro takes it a notch further with a lot more countries. If you’re calling Mexico/Canada landlines and mobiles or roaming in Mexico/Canada often VZW’s Nationwide Plus Mexico/Canada still trumps this plan. Although not unlimited the savings in roaming fees or long distance especially if you are calling mobiles will quickly make up the difference.

  3. Christopher Price

    Having Verizon International Long Distance Value Plan add-ons on my account, I did some quick math. Canada being the most frequent international place I call, it costs $.09/minute on Verizon (plus the monthly $3.99 fee).

    That means there would be a break-even point of 456 minutes where it would then become profitable to sign up for MetroPCS.

    So, yeah… for most customers, this isn’t something that will convert people on its own, but I can see it being a feature that will attract customers who do frequently spend hundreds of minutes on international calling.

  4. shortdawg

    I have done all kind of things to try & save $ from the international calls i make but to no prevail, at&t was the worst but now with metro pcs i can do this with ease and it is very very clear, thanks metro u save my life!!!!!!