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4 responses to “AT&T Launches Navigator for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS”

  1. Jeff

    $9.99 on top of the already high data service fee? Wow. AT&T has b@lls. I don’t expect this to be too popular, but I could be wrong.

  2. mark

    Wow, I was thinking the same thing, I mean what good is unlimited data, if we are going to get charged for every “additional” service. Text message’s, GPS now, come on.

  3. robbie D

    go to sprint unlim no xtra fees for any of the apps! text, navi, gata, tv, radio and min for what 99.99 per mo. yeah i will stay here in my curve/ tour in a bit and payless!

  4. robbie D

    and get insured yeah i am good!