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3 responses to “Leap Wireless Expands Coverage to Washington D.C. and Maryland”

  1. Jameson Timoson

    I just visited the huge Cricket location in Ballston Mall and I gotta tell you I was impressed. I am originally from Cincinnati and I have never seen such a nice display of phones. Makes me think twice about Cricket especially with the data cards launching soon.

  2. John Votava

    Hi, it’s John Votava from Boost Mobile. I wouldn’t be lured in by nice looking phones alone, it’s the network quality, or lack thereof that will have you regretting your decision. Independent third party research indicates that Cricket has more than 4 times more blocked and dropped calls nationwide compared to Boost Mobile. Plus, if you plan on using your phone outside the Baltimore/D.C. area, you should expect to pay roaming fees. There are never any roaming fees at Boost Mobile because our network is truly nationwide, and you can find coverage in 3 times more cities and towns than Cricket across the nation. Also, we invite you to check out our phones at

  3. SaltyDawg

    How is Boost Mobile’s data? Does it use Sprint’s EVDO or is it the crappy IDEN? Cricket has EVDO. All in all, unlimited voice, messaging, and data, for around $50, with no contract and no credit check, is not a bad deal at all. And that includes 30 minutes of roaming per month (for $60 per month you get unlimited everything with 200 minutes of roaming per month).

    Plus the phones aren’t even close to being in the same class. Cricket will activate whatever phone you can get to work on their network (Touch Pro, Treo, whatever).

    I would much rather have Cricket than Boost Mobile if I was looking for that type of carrier.