Lawyers Fire Back Against Apple Over iPhone Theme

As you may know, a popular trend on the internet has been to create themes for Palm, Symbian, and Windows Mobile to give them the appearance of Apple’s iPhone. However, Apple has fought back issuing take-down notices in a SLAAP-derived manner. Essentially, Apple has argued on shaky legal grounds that nobody has a right to issue an iPhone look-alike theme for another device.

Tomasz Rychlicki, an internet IP attorney, has declided to release a well-known iPhone modification for Pocket PC. The installer gives the Pocket PC both a fully-functional iPhone-like home screen, along with lock screen complete with iPhone-styled status screen and slider-lock. It is important to note that Tomasz did not make the application, however he is hosting it on his site. Tomasz presented several prior cases, some including Apple, where it has been clearly established that Apple has no copyright over a look or feel.

You can download the Pocket PC iPhone application at the link below.
RE’s Unlocker and Launcher for Pocket PC (ZIP)