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4 responses to “Internet Explorer Mobile 6 Emulator Available Now (Updated)”

  1. Christopher Price

    Microsoft has also indicated that the browser will be available to existing Windows Mobile 6.1 devices. No word on if they will keep to that, however, in the wake of the Windows Mobile 6.5 announcement.

    The emulator is using Windows Mobile 6.1.4, so that does indicate that existing devices will still be able to use it.

  2. Mustang46L

    Yeah, we’ll just have to cook it ourselves. I’m getting closer to building my own kitchen every day.

  3. Tommy hofmann

    PIE6 is a lot nicer, it seems to render flash better then opera does at this point, it is slow, but still it looks promising. I have been running PIE6 on my Diamond since yesterday. and it looks nice. and my Touch, and 6800 today.

    It will be good to see what they can come out with next.

    Tabs would be great
    Faster overall performance would be great (not going to hold breath though)

    Should be good. and Look for interesting times ahead.