12 responses to “Users Call for HTC Class Action Suit”

  1. justme

    The same could/should be done for Palm, if not for all the major manufacturers. They’re all mostly guilty of the same types of things.

  2. Christopher Price

    This is one of the main reasons why Apple’s iPhone flexes so much power over Windows Mobile… Apple did the job right to optimize the software… so that it works properly with the hardware. I knew HTC wasn’t tapping the 3D processing components the modern Qualcomm MSM offers, but this certainly was an eye opener.

  3. GSLEON3

    So, what do we believe? I sent an email to AT&T & HTC USA statintg my intent to return 300 Tilts & take my business to Samsung & Verizon. The respone I got was initially “We know about it, but don’t know what we can do”. After replying with a carpet bomb tyrade response email, a certain VP (J.B.M.) responded with a new line “we are working on a fix & believe it will be ready for release somtime before April”.

    But now I see a response from HTC saying, “We don’t use the ATI & aren’t fixing anything”.

    I say we need to somehow get together an HTC Email Hit List. If we can get email addresses of the Execs & make them focus their time on this problem it will SERIOUSLY impact their efficiency, use up their valuable time & truly make a difference.
    The people we really need to bomb with emails are the ones who’s time realy matter.

    We need phone numbers (Direct) & email addresses for the people whom matter. If you can supply any of theser do so annonymously. I will be using several special databases to see if I can get any of this info as well.


    For the USA:
    Mark J. Baker, Senior Director, Enterprise Business Unit, Americas
    David Kou, Director, Business Development, CDMA
    Waiman Lam, Controller
    Hsiao-Wen Lin, Director of Engineering
    Jason B. Mackenzie, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
    David Smith, Director of Marketing
    Chris Stovall, Executive Director, National Accounts
    Wyatt Whaley, Executive Director, National Accounts

    For Europe:
    Peter Chou, CEO and President HTC Corp.
    Florian Seiche, Vice President HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    Kevin Chen, Executive Director HTC EMEA Channel
    Philip Blair, Product Director HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    Peter Frolund, Account Director HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    Frédéric Tassy, Account Director HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    Lars Weisswange, Account Director HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    Oliver Schulte, Finance Director HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    Peter Chiang, Account Director HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    Diane Studman, Head of European Marketing HTC Europe Co. Ltd.
    Daniele De Grandis, Country Manager, Italy HTC Europe Co. Ltd.

    These are the people at HTC whose time matter. Their lost minutes equal lost millions for HTC. Lets see what we can find & hit these people where it hurts (In their productivity & their pocket book)

  4. Christopher Price

    It’s important to be clear if you are going to email… ATI has nothing to do with HTC. This is an issue with drivers coded for HTC devices using Qualcomm processors and chipsets.

    (Edit: Except for two newer units… the TyTN II (AT&T Tilt) and Touch Cruise, which do use Imageon hardware. This has confused the matter since the Qualcomm drivers are affecting many more customers, but HTC should write drivers for both).

    Older generation hardware (not HTC, but other companies) did have a smaller debacle involving early-generation ATI IMAGEON hardware. The drivers had issues in certain devices, and Windows Mobile at that stage did not have full DirectX-style APIs to take advantage of it.

    The parallels are similar, but different companies and different silicon.

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  6. McPlot

    I have a Sprint Mogul (PPC6800) and my wife has a Sprint (HTC) Touch. They both ROCK. I got mine last week, she got hers about 3 month ago. I showed a friend of mine at work my phone, he had the same one, with Sprint, but had his longer. He was amazed on how much faster mine ran then his. No grapic slowdown on mine when his did. I even added SPB moble shell, which is create to mine. The only issue with the wifes touch is it does not like big tumbs. IT was made for woman. I can get the interface to up come, but I have to use my finger. But neither one of us are having any issues with our HTC devices. The Mogul is making my old Treo look like crap.

  7. mike rains

    I am on my Fourth HTC Touch, I also tried an HTC Mogul. Here’s the symptoms I have: the HTC Touch will fail to ring, and so I miss incoming calls. If I press the wake-up button, it will ring at that moemnt as if a call is coming in, but it is really a call that came in hours ago; it does like a half-ring and displays Incoming Call, then the dialog disappears. Sometimes calls that came in while it was being silent, sometimes those calls are in my caller ID list, sometimes not. I also experience where the time doesn’t update, for up to 2 hours, then it suddenly will update to the correct time.

    I miss alot of calls because of this phone. I have taken to rebotting it like every 3 or 4 hours, because after a reboot it usually works for at least a few hours.

    This happens in places where I get strong signal. I have not installed any software on any of the phones, period. I don’t even use most of the features, just playing MP3’s and making/receiving phone calls.

    If there is a class action lawsuit against HTC and/or Sprint over this phone, I would like to be part of that suit.

  8. Perry L

    I think in my Opinion they messe up big Time on The htc touch pro Because
    The tcpmp0.8.1 Does not Work at all On
    The htc touch pro And, the 0.7.2 recompile Sucks
    ait Workes Awsome on The mogul 6800
    When you Would Play avi or xvid the onl Luck i.ve had on the
    htc-touch pro is the core 1.3build And I Can’t Downgrade The
    the Rom Back too Mobole 6.0 it’s keepsGiving me
    a Stupid error Code i Would Apprieciate if Anyone
    Knows how too unlock the htc touch pro i Cant
    find the Code Anywere please email…. if you know any unlocking codes for this htc touch pro thank you

  9. Christian A

    I had my original HTC TP for a few month before I brought it in for the soft recall because of the chrome defect. I did not have insurance for the phone so Sprint said they would replace it with a refurb. I did drop the fon once and getting a replacement would be like having a new fon. My first refurb seemed fine until i started using the keyboard. Actually, I couldn’t because the keyboard was defective. I called Sprint right away and told them the problem. They responded with “this is a known issue with the keyboard and you just have to get lucky.” They told me to come back the next day and they swap it out. I am now on my 3rd TP and the keyboard is acting up. Most of the complaints I’ve read about this phone have been keyboard going bad. I will probably hit up Sprint 1 more time before the 30-day exchange expires. I will definitely participate in an HTC class action since Sprint and HTC know about this issue.

  10. WTF.HTC

    Had a HTCG2 b/c the qwery keyboard. No probs for 6 months, until….
    1. After tethering = major heat issues, literal burn marks all on the outter skin of the phone.
    2. Upgraded from Cyanogen to Gengerbread 2.3.4, Not manually but System Updates and didnt like how slow everything became. So I did a Factory Reset and the SOB went into BRICK MODE. Restarting, battery out, Sim card out, Power Cycle will not bring back the Bootloader files…
    3. So I do what any sacrificial lamp consumer would do and contacted the manufacture HTC to save the day….
    4. I send the phone ASAP to have it reloaded and sent back to me ASAP, and they hit me with a Water damage claim = $220….hence the name WTF.HTC!!!
    5. If you are a Tecky/BoiGenious or Average Ape (No Disrespect to Cesar) you would also know that a water damage is totally dependent on the sensor in the back of the phone’s housing being wet. That sensor is so sensitive that it would turn color if you licked your finger and swiped it across it.
    6. So I did what Cesar would do and goggled if anyone else wants some HTC justice, and Taa Dahh! You den fckd wit da wrong nerd…

  11. Becky Cheney

    I have an HTC Droid Eris (should be called an Errors). The thing is a piece of garbage. No more HTC phones for me EVER AGAIN! I am going back to my flip phone. I don’t have 3 hrs to list all the “issues” with this piece of junk. “Smart Phone”…what an oxymoron!!!

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