Hero Revealed by HTC for Sprint and Snap for Alltel

HTC has revealed the first evidence of the Sprint HTC Hero and the Alltel version of the HTC Snap via hastily pulled support pages.

HTC Support

Image courtesy of Engadget Mobile

The Sprint version of the Hero is expected to launch on October 11th according to the most recent internal roadmap, with Alltel’s version of the Snap expected to launch around the same time in divested markets.

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3 responses to “Hero Revealed by HTC for Sprint and Snap for Alltel”

  1. Alex

    This is Awesome!

    I can’t wait for Sprint to start kicking out Android devices. I am counting the seconds until Dan finally lets some of us loyal Sprint customers play with some Android phones. October 11th can’t come soon enough. HTC Hero and a mystery Samsung Device are filling my nightly dreams. I can’t wait to ditch the old Blackberry and step up to a real OS Android…. Here I come!

    Although I have searched HTC’s site up and down and I cannot find the screen mentioned here. Does anyone have an actual link to the HTC website they can post… not a .jpg image of it?


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  2. Tony

    I too am excited for the Android, I am going to ditch my palm pro when it comes out.

  3. JJ

    yeah, im looking forward to trying out android. I was going to get the tp2 as soon as it came out but I will be waiting to try out both phones before purchasing. Android is a turning out to be a great contender in the smartphone fight. I myself would choose android over iphone unless iphone switches to cdma, preferably sprint.