Helio Caps Service at 160 MB

Several bloggers and other news sites across the internet have confirmed that Helio’s new Hybrid service comes with some unpleasant surprises. Buried in the Terms of Helio’s Hybrid service is a 3G cap of 160 MB per month. That’s the lowest known maximum stated by any carrier or MVNO.

Helio media relations, which has chosen to ignore PCS Intel, has stated contradictory statements in regards to the cap. Their present statement is that they will not enforce the cap on the typical user who passes it, but will only use it as boilerplate to kick abusive customers off their network.

Further, Helio still refuses to define what is abusive above and beyond the said 160 MB limit. Helio does stress though that it expects this to be a non-issue, with most users tapping unlimited WiFi service for bandwidth-intensive applications.