Giveaway: Tote Bag of Junk

Over the past three-and-a-half years, we’ve accumulated quite a bit of useless gadgetry. From old phones, to old laptops… we have it all. And, we want to pass it on to folks that might be able to put it to at least some good use.

So, we’re giving away our Tote Bags of Junk all month long. There’s so much junk to giveaway… we can’t list it all. But, we guarantee that we have absolutely no use for it. Of course, our Tote Bags of Junk will be delivered in tote bags that we also have absolutely no use for.

How to win? Just have at least one new post in the AT&T (Cingular) Forum. We’ll tally up all the posts for the next week and award a winner after next Friday.

Forum rules are still in effect though, you must make a meaningful post related to AT&T or Cingular… posts that are junk will be removed. We’re giving away junk, but we will continue to keep junk-free.