First Impressions of LG VX10000

We have the first impression of what could be the best high end phone for Verizon Wireless that is destined as the successor to the popular VX9900 enV, and all the basic elements are in place. Read More for the details and picture.

As you’ve no doubt seen already, the LG VX 10000 is dominated by a large touchscreen display with a virtual pad for main functions. I tested a preproduction unit recently and came away slightly impressed by the wow factor of the large touchscreen, but was disappointed by the small things that added up to a lukewarm first impression.


Picture courtesy of Engadget Mobile

Menu and User Interface

The menu and user interface is typical Verizon Wireless: Red, ugly and slow…or is it? During my brief time with the device I expected it to lumber along and lag…and it did to a point.
It features a completely reworked version of the Verizon interface designed specifically for this phone.
The phone I tested was at times sluggish and nearly unresponsive, but actually managed to be usable.
Maybe it was the early firmware, but I hope this will be tweaked and refined to iPhone levels of usability.


The VX10000 I tested also had the entire suite of features common to high end Verizon handsets (VZ Navigator, Mail, IM, Get It Now, V CAST Music/Video).

V CAST Video was big and bright with no visible pixelation or artifacting, and incredibly loud over the unit’s stereo speakers.

The phone also included an onboard microSD slot though the music player had issues with crashing whenever the phone would receive a call, a bug in the early firmware on the phone.

Final Thoughts

As I (reluctantly) returned the unit, I came away with a lukewarm impression of the overall package. The phone shows incredible potential and promise to be the ultimate device for the messaging or multimedia addict (EVDO, large display, microSD slot, media player). If both LG and Verizon are smart they will test and refine this phone until it can be tweaked no further. The elements are there to make this a truly great flagship phone that encapsulates the meaning of “exclusive device.”