Exclusive: Samsung M250 – Uproar 2?

Samsung’s M-class was a pioneer in the wireless music industry. The M100 on Sprint PCS delivered the first U.S. MP3 Phone, despite separating MP3 and phone internally, the two devices were unified into a phone you could actually connect to your computer to download music to.

Since then, the industry has ushered in an iTunes-sparked era of music playback. With that, Samsung appears to be ready to deliver their second “music phone”. Here’s what we know…

The device is the M250, and as to its phone attributes, it is extremely similar to the Samsung A960 in terms of base specifications. The device will be exclusive to Sprint, similar to the M100 years ago. The M250 will be armed with a QVGA display, high-quality camera, and will be similar to the MM-A800 in design. What currently is more sketchy is the buttons on the front of the device. Sources have pointed in the past that the keys will be re-branded to be similar to Samsung’s portable music players.

What is even more sketchy is storage capacity. Clearly the device is aimed at the high-end, but we do not know if the device will use 1, 2, 4, or even 6 GB configurations. 6 GB, while extremely expensive, would give the M250 comparative advantage over the iPod nano.

Also not clear is if the device will have a third, music dedicated Media Player. Many have given disapproval to Samsung’s Media Player when accessing large amounts of music, as well as to Sprint’s Music Store player. Some point to the potential for Samsung to integrate a copy of its dedicated music player software, adapted for AU-MIC firmware, to run on the device.

While the true appearance, capacity, and playback-support of the device are still unclear, the M250 is coming, and is sure to cause music enthusiasts to start saving for Samsung’s next major music phone venture.

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