Exclusive Details: UTStarcom HTC PPC-6800 and SMT-5800 Revealed

UTStarcom has revealed two devices from HTC that are aimed at U.S. CDMA carriers. Details are slowly emerging, however PCS Intel can independently confirm both devices have been finalized and are in-testing at both Verizon Wireless and Sprint.

The PPC-6800 (or XV6800 as Verizon will likely brand the device) is the CDMA counterpart to HTC’s Hermes TyTN (aka Cingular 8525 in the United States). With EV-DO Rev A, and an improved camera, the PPC-6800 includes a refined design that removes many complaints from the PPC-6700. The keypad and controls are similar to the PPC-6700’s predecesor, the PPC-6600.

PPC-6800 image courtesy Engadget Mobile

On the smartphone front, the SMT-5800 (aka XV5800 on Verizon) will finally deliver HTC to CDMA on the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform. Previously, HTC had offered devices to carriers such as the SMT-5500, which were rejected by every CDMA carrier. HTC has since re-tooled their offering to deliver a more compact experience, with new functionality.

The SMT-5800 (HTC Libra) will offer both a traditional Windows Mobile smartphone layout, as well as a slide-out keyboard from the size. This will provide strong competition with other innovative designes such as Motorola’s Q and Samsung’s i320. In addition, it’s also the first EV-DO Rev A Windows Mobile Smartphone.

Finally, of note is UTStarcom itself will indeed manufacturer these devices. Despite HTC’s recent acqusition of Dopod, the foreign manufacturer still lacks American customization channels that are key to UTStarcom’s competitive advantage. Armed with both a streamlined process, as well as close relations with all North American CDMA carriers, UTStarcom will continue to be the launch platform for HTC CDMA devices for the forseeable future.

Update: Confusion amongst readers has streamed in, in regards to the SMT-5800. The images on the device do indeed show the device running Windows Mobile Phone Edition. However, the SMT class in Audiovox/UTStarcom nomenclature only refers to Windows Mobile Smartphone devices. As such, it does appear to run Windows Mobile Smartphone edition, as does its GSM counterpart, HTC Breeze.

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