Disney Mobile Launched Today

Today marks the launch of MVNO operator Disney mobile, almost 2 years after its initial announcement. This is also the second MVNO that Disney Corp launched; late last year Disney-owned ESPN also started ESPN mobile. Both MVNOs use the Sprint EVDO network.

Disney Mobile Logo

The main focus for Disney Mobile are its family-centric plans, content, and features such as:

  • settable spending allowances and the ability to track usage for voice minutes, text messaging, picture messaging and downloadable content
  • Ablity to set the hours of the day and days of the week when kids can use their phones
  • Set restricted and always-on phone numbers to manage with whom kids may communicate
  • Prioritize important family messages
  • Locate kids’ phones with GPS capabilities
  • Family-friendly content such as ringtones, wallpaper and more

Family plans start at $59.99/month for 2 lines, and additional lines are $9.99/month each. Individual plans are also available.

Disney Mobile Homepage
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