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9 responses to “Danger Reports Server Failure, Possible Complete Loss of Sidekick User Data”

  1. Carlos Castro

    Wow…. and they don’t back up customer data? I just lost all confidence in Danger and the Sidekick in general

  2. Kid

    WOW I Waz really gonna go nd buy a sidekick yesterday

  3. Rob Abbott

    Dear Danger,

    I lost all of my data, notes including vital medical and other data, my phone list, etc. Arrrgggghhhh. I’m stunned, as my battery did not die and my phone remained charged. I do understand that difficulty that this creates for you and I both. Is there a back up of just prior to the disruption that, we might retrieve as a most recent?

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  5. Sprint Tech

    How does a phone operate like that with no way to back up your data to a computer or some other source? Thats just really poor design.

  6. Steven Goldfein

    Tech –
    Welcome to cloud computing at its finest. I would be curious to find out what really and truly went wrong here because this type of situation would lead to heads rolling and pink slips in any of the it departments where I have worked that have production environments.


  7. Sprint Tech

    So, there is no way to backup contacts onto the SIM card? No software to get a print out? This just baffles me greatly.

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