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18 responses to “CTIA: Samsung M800 Becomes Instinct, Impressions & Live Shots”

  1. Kenneth

    Soooo it’s not RevA? Also what about the other stuff I heard of: visual voice mail, threaded text, support 8G cards, & threaded text? Also items possibly included in box 2GB micro SD card, 2 standard batteries, and leather case & stylus.

  2. Mike

    This does have Rev A

  3. Mike

    Go here and click on technical specs in the middle

  4. Elijah

    Kenneth: You are right in that the Samsung Instinct is going to com with everything right out of the box. Further goodies include: a battery charging sleeve, travel charger, USB cable, 3.5mm headphones with a built-in microphone and a leather case with stylus as well as the 2GB MicroSD card and 2 1000 mAh Lithium Ion batteries.

    It’s going to be a good deal if priced right.

  5. Kenneth

    Reminds me of the Upstage without the flipping. I just hope its not buggy. I will love the threaded texts(like Palm OS-what I’m typing on now).

  6. toy

    So I am able to put the program that I use for work on this phone? And does it have MMS?

  7. Dustin


  8. chris

    when is it available?

  9. Feech

    Chris, first I want to say I really enjoy your writing and have for the past year and a half. With that being said I think I have had it with the remarks in regards to the iPhone and “it” being ripped off, cloned, and mocked-upped. I’m not a Apple hater and don’t want to start a flame war. But why can’t people understand that companies are going to look at the iPhone as a successful device and try to improve upon it. In no other business is this frowned upon except it seems in the mobile device business. KFC, Church’s, and Popeyes all sell chicken but I have never walked into a Popeyes and heard someone say “Shoot, they’re just trying to be like KFC but hotter”

    By everything I have read I don’t even know if Apple was first to market with a “touchscreen” device. They were just first to do it right and then leverage it on top of the best selling MP3 player ever. I guess what I’m saying is I would just like someone, anyone to give a device a fair shot before writing it off. You said yourself that it improved in alot of areas that the iPhone lacked in. Lets try to focus on that because those areas are huge. Removable battery, Rev A, GPS , removable memory, those are all things that kept me away from the iPhone to begin with. On top of that with Sprint not trying to ever lock down their phones this could be a potential winner. The only drawback I really see is that it doesnt have some sort of music manager software to sync my collection.

    Honestly, I haven’t seen this thing so I have no idea. But I do rely on you guys to provide me with the best reporting you can. So please let a device stand on its own and talk about the good it can do instead of the copy cat stuff.

    PS: I still will be reading, I’m a huge fan.

  10. Me

    I also would be a lot happier if the Apple fanboy knob was turned down a notch or so.

  11. Sonic Fan

    So Sprint says you can only get the Instinct with a Simply Everything plan. Does this just mean they won’t sell it to you directly, or will they actually make it impossible to activate on any other type of plan? Could this be Sprint’s new business model, release high end phones for Simply Everything subscribers, and retention / Sero customers will just get the scraps?

    This is why we need open access…

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  13. Tyler

    should I get the 3g iphone (when it comes out) or the instinct? & why?

  14. Microsoft Updates Windows Live Search for Mobile |

    […] The update also takes out of beta Microsoft’s voice recognition technology. The technology was in previous Live Search for Mobile releases, but marked as functionality in development. This ties in with next month’s launch of the Samsung Instinct, which includes Live Search with Voice functionality. […]

  15. Mark

    Why is Sprint not doing something about the improvement to the M800, for texting purposes (such as is found with the exact same phone on MetroPCS – choices of T9 input, keyboard layout is different on Metro’s making it less likely to make a mistake, Metro’s configuration doesn’t have the annoying BLUE and RED lettered overlay when making corrections… come on! I have to buy another phone within the same year because they can’t come up with a decent download fix. That is just plain not right. Suppose I could go to MetroPCS for a better design, but why isn’t this a downloadable fix?