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8 responses to “Microsoft Updates Windows Live Search for Mobile”

  1. Chad

    didnt this update come out a few days ago? seems as though you are a bit behind

  2. Chad

    wow why not be a jerk then Chris? I actually saw this on a forum and if it was such a waste of time to reply to me then why do it? oh and then try and justify your rudeness by saying I’m part of the problem. It’s no wonder you keep losing readers. I keep giving you another chance I don’t know why though. Oh and you didnt break this news either Oh what does the date on there say? the 16th yes you were behind.

  3. Bill Seattle

    Hmm… Lets follow these posts. Chad posted the first post…To me it looks like a joke like, “wow chris, you are on top of everything, I finally beat ya to a story.” Then Chris took it the wrong way and was like, “dude, I work my ass off! Give me a break, I’m still doing this because my heart and soul is in it, others don’t care as much…so lay off…cuz i’m the best.” So then Chad was like, (what the heck it was a joke, but now I’m not admitting it was a joke because you made me mad.) “You suck, I hate you!” And then Chris was like..” screw you, I’m the best.”

    Wow, looks lame to me also!

    So guys, grow up, this is the internet, you can’t get all emotional over a little comment? You need to read it as what its worth, last time I checked, its difficult to put emotions in text. Chris out of all the people, you should know that innovation is at its best with user comments, no need to chirp at someone. Plus you look low when you give us the stats about how BIG you are now…duh, we know that, we made you big. Chad probably told all his phone buddies about how cool you are. It’s all about treating your customers… can we hug now? I will need to collect a $20 counseling fee!

  4. Chad

    Now thats funny Bill you said it best, and you are right if i didn’t care about this site I wouldn’t even come back to complain the mere fact that I do means I enjoy this site.

    Chris just to end this you said and I quote “If you see the news elsewhere, why not submit a news tip next time?” So I was just pointing out that it was in the “news” before you guys had it on this site. Now to be fair modaco had it on the 15th but yeah whatever

    JUST JOSHING CHRIS…. so don’t get bent out of shape, I’ll still read your site!