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4 responses to “Confirmed T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 Pricing Surfaces”

  1. Geoff Snyder

    Something tells me that at this price point, T-Mobile will not be moving very many of these.

  2. El Cheapo

    I”m amused at the higher price calling it a “reference level” since other then the screen and molding it’s all parts designed in 2007, shouldn’t it be cheaper considering that the parts have been fabed for over 2 years now? Plus they released it with WM6.1, this tells me that they really spent a lot of time working on this phone…

    I guess I should be thrilled that retentions will wind up giving me this phone for $99 when it’s released for Sprint but it’s seems like such a hollow victory…

  3. celz

    well if everything is the same besides the screen and molding obviously he was referring to the screen and molding.. it makes since tho the ugly tmobile version doesnt look anything the other ones

  4. billybob

    I am so disappointed. in a few months, This phone will be on all 4 of the big networks, Sprint, Verizon, ATT as well as t-mobile, and i would be suprised if they charge more than $299 for this phone. The price needs to be $199. This is the straw that breaks Tmo for me. i am switching to another carrier. I guess it is time to pick up an Iphone.