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5 responses to “Comcast Begins Bundled Sales of Clear Service in Portland”

  1. C.Brown

    What a rip off! The Comcast bundle price is higher than just going with Clear.

  2. Christopher Price

    There is a lower tier for $39.99 if you are a Comcast Triple Play customer. That’s the only way I see this being a good deal.

    Unless they get the pricing right… it’s going to be Pivot all over again…

  3. Don Louie

    Yeah, and I thought Pivot was going to lead to some groundbreaking stuff, especially when mobile tv launched but that flame-out is right behind qchat

  4. Christopher Price

    Honestly, the $39.99 bundle price should include Pick 2 service. That would be a real $5 discount… and actually be, well, logical.

    Pivot was a failure because of an inability to deliver full channel lineups (enabling the customer to actually watch the cable lineup that they’re paying for). It wound up being Sprint TV Premier with HBO. And that wasn’t worth the price, or the convoluted billing. Cable companies wanted an MVNO, Sprint wanted a plan add-on… and they never really agreed on how to handle that long term.

  5. An Employee

    Comcast does not care. They desire only your money.