Cingular to Launch Treo 750 on Sunday at CES (Update)

According to reports, Cingular is expected to formally launch the Palm
Treo 750 on Sunday at CES, where a release date and price is expected
to be announced. The Palm Treo 750 is the GSM version of the 700w
series adding support for UMTS data access which was first launched on
Vodafone in the UK last year.

Source: Engadget Mobile

Update: The device has now been confirmed to be available on January 8th in Cingular and Palm online stores as well as Cingular retail stores for $399 with two year contract and $100 mail in rebate. Also of note is the inclusion of the threaded messaging client and firmware upgrade to HSDPA.

Source: Launch slide presentation
(courtesy of Engadget Mobile)