Breaking: ITC Places Partial Ban on New Phones Using Qualcomm Technology

The International Trade Commission has ordered a partial ban on new
CDMA/W-CDMA cellular phones sold in the US that use Qualcomm processors.

While current models are not affected and will continue to be sold, any
new models that have been recently announced such as the HTC Mogul on
Sprint or the Samsung A727 on AT&T are now called into question as to whether they will be released.

Qualcomm recently lost a lawsuit brought on by Broadcom when a judge
found that Qualcomm violated three Broadcomm patents implemented
in Qualcomm processors. Until the case is settled no new CDMA/W-CDMA
models that utilize Qualcomm processors will be released severely
affecting business plans for CDMA carriers (Sprint, Verizon,
Alltel, etc.) while AT&T will only launch new models that do
not use Qualcomm processors such as those from Nokia.  We will
cover this development and post as soon as new information is