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4 responses to “AT&T Pricing Leaks”

  1. Jeff

    Any reaction from AT&T on Sprint’s new plans?

  2. NH3MAN

    The T-Mobile TP2 is looking much better for the price and their customer service is way better!

  3. SaltyDawg

    Have you seen the T-Mobile Touch pro 2? That thing is hideous. I bought my dad one since he has T-Mobile and even the T-Mobile rep in the store was talking about how much nicer my European version is.

    The colors are bad, but it’s also more square and boxy. The European version (and supposedly AT&T’s) is a lot more rounded and classy looking.

    Anyway, the question that remains about AT&T’s is will they automatically add a $30 PDA data plan to your account when you insert your SIM into their Touch Pro 2.

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