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7 responses to “AT&T Making Changes To GoPhone Plans On November 12th”

  1. Casey

    I would rather have the Cricket $60 plan. 10GB full speed then throttled a little slower.

  2. alk

    New $40 plan? LOL. At&t What a joke. Make sure we’re not celebrating April fools again, or are we? I’ve been using this same plan ever since. It’s NOT new. $40 for 500 minutes and unlimited Text, with 500MB data was there forever. Please give us more data!

    Oh wait! This is about the $60 plan that is … still the same as yesterday. Except they now publish their data speed after 2.5Gb. Gotcha! Lol. What a joke. Please please give more data, and give us dignity.

    1. Casey

      Like I already said, spend $10 on a Cricket SIM and get 10GB for $55 (on auto pay). Which gives you unlimited talk & text. You already have a compatible phone. So stop your bitching and do it already.

      1. alk

        Lol, who’s bitching you idiot. Use Cricket where? At your grandma’s house? It doesn’t even work. At&t is the way to go with better coverage. You don’t need $60 plan at At&t or even $55 at Cricket. $40 at At&t + wifi is the way to go. Do the math. Cricket’s coverage is misleading, and should be regulated by FCC.

        1. Casey

          I believe you were, “At&t What a joke.”

          You realize Cricket is AT&T’s prepaid brand right? The CDMA portion of Cricket is being turned off if it hasn’t already.

          “$40 for 500 minutes and unlimited Text, with 500MB data was there forever” Lets compare apples to apples, the new plans have unlimited talk and text.

          1. alk

            “At&t what a joke” is a comment to wake them up. Perhaps Att needs to be more aggressive like Cricket.

            Problem with Cricket and other small carriers are the coverage… compared to At&t, and Verizon. I’ve tried many, but had to come back to either one due to coverage issue. Once you start traveling, “unlimited” becomes mute when you can’t even get a call at a major Airport, or even downtown Chicago, New York or other major cities per se. That’s why sticking with major carrier and suck it up attitude works for me and many others who are in bitterness at the moment.

            If you live near Cricket’s tower, then no problem. You should go Cricket, why not.

            I happen to live and work nearby At&t tower. What a difference it LTE speed! Att owns Cricket, but they throttle their speed in the first place. Once you travel, major carrier is the way to go, I’ve learned the hard way.

            For teenagers, or college students, they stay at same place for many years so Cricket might work. For family plan, there’s not going to be much difference when you start comparing “apples to apples” with combined data plans. For individual plans, Cricket and Att, or Straight talk might work to cut payments. But you need to think of coverage. For “COVERAGE” major carrier is the way to go with bitterness for their limit of data.

            Cricket with 10Gb is really tempting, and to know that Att phone works with their sim card. But for coverage sake… I’ll have to see and hear more from people. All I hear now is that Att throttles Cricket, and their coverage is misleading. But for my use, business email with 500mb for $40 att plan works. I can wait till I get wifi for videos and apps. I had 5Gb plan before, and used less than 300mb every month anyway. What a waist of money.

          2. Casey

            Cricket is slowed down to 8Mbps on the download. That is more than enough for the couple hundred megabytes you use. The coverage maps for AT&T and Cricket look the same to me. Have you actually used Cricket?

            $40 a month on a wireless plan that has no restrictions on the phone you can use is bargain basement prices. You need to lower your expectations.

            If this is you “sucking it up” you must be quite the complainer. Your whole argument is for more of something you won’t use