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10 responses to “April Sprint Launch Slide Surfaces”

  1. Chris R.


  2. Curious George

    I’m with Chris R. wheres the Samsung M800?!?!?!?

  3. Jose

    More than likely probably won’t be released until June/July timeframe

  4. Princess

    The article says this slide is “part” of the April launch, not all of it.

  5. sledgie

    i thought a month or so ago when you broke the news on the BB curve you said it would include all the features of its gsm counterpart, i.e. wifi, but also would include GPS. obviously that slide doesn’t mention it. is it no longer going to have wifi? i was really hoping and counting on this feature. i am looking forward to hearing if any of the cdma bb’s will have wifi at this years CTIA and i look forward to your outstanding coverage and pics from the event, but i will be torn and sadly disappointed if the only wifi bbs are on gsm

  6. Christopher Price

    Trading Wi-Fi for EV-DO data is standard for RIM. They consider both to have broadband data, and thus there isn’t a need for Wi-Fi on a CDMA BlackBerry.

    To get to the root of your question though, the main reason is that the BlackBerry operating system does not handle high speed data properly. Anything more than EV-DO speed bottlenecks on the software.

    Really, your question should be when RIM will refine their operating system to the point that it can benefit from faster-than-3G speeds. This is a big reason why RIM hasn’t released an HSDPA BlackBerry, since RIM doesn’t handle 3G well, let alone is ready for Wi-Fi.

  7. Jeff

    Oh look, no mention of the Treo 800W. Again.

  8. Kenneth Daniels

    How about the BlackBerry 9000 featuring both WiFi and HSDPA?

  9. kerry

    This is all of the slide

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