Apple Unveils AJAX Development Platform for iPhone

Apple today at WWDC released a new Software Development Platform for Apple’s iPhone. In order to “keep the platform secure”, as Apple claims, they are unable to use the standard Mac OS X API (Cocoa) for writing third-party software.

To work around this, third party software will be written running inside of the Safari core. AJAX applications run securely inside of Safari, with developer user interface, ensuring that the applications will run with computer-like levels of interaction, and be able to take advantage of iPhone’s multi-touch display.

Photo courtesy Engadget

Apple’s new sandbox solution is fully platform agnostic, opening up the rest of the mobile sector to run the same applications once mobile AJAX develops. However, with iPhone being the only AJAX device on the market, even in the smartphone business, the rest of the industry will have to get AJAX into their devices first.