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7 responses to “Alltel Motorola Z6m ROKR Firmware Updated”

  1. Ryan

    This didn’t work for me. When I go to the official site for getting software updates from Motorola, there isn’t a selection option for the Z6m… A little help please??

  2. Cory

    I’ll tell you what it updates. I took my ROKR into the Alltel store and they told me the update needed to be done. I let them because my month old phone was having problems. Now I can use Mobile Phone Tools (WHICH I PAYED FOR) and cut down songs (WHICH I ALSO PAYED FOR) to ringtone length, and put them on my phone…. but they made it to where I can’t apply them now. DON’T GET THIS UPDATE!!!

  3. camo_us

    Im with cory on this one. Original z6m just stoped working but good news they went me a new one since it was under warrenty. Except with the new software it not the same phone. It wont let you apply mp3s as ringtones. WHAT EVER YOU DO DONT GET THIS AND IF YOUR PHONE STOPS WORKING DEMAND A SIMULAR REPLACEMENT PHONE. Im personaly gonna sever all ties with altell and motorola. bunch of crooks

  4. michelle

    i can not find no software nowhere to convert ringtones. i wish they will tell you the good and ba things about a phone before you purchase it. They tell you what they want you to know and not what you need to know. This phone sucks and nothing is really good about the phone. I wish I can go and geta refund but it is not worth going thru the process. If anybody learns about how to do please let me know so I can do it in a hurry.

  5. Hope

    I have the Alltel rokr too and over the summer i damaged the phone with water. When i took it back to the store the Gave me The Orange version of the phone. It SUCKS! I could no longer download ringtones to my phone or use mp3 files and set them as ringtones. i was forced to buy the lousy 16 second edited ringtones offered on celltop….. for 3 DOLLARS A PIECE! What a rip off. i pay 50 dollars for this piece of crap. if we still pay the bill for our phones Why should you lose privilages for your phone messing up. Once you pay that 50 dollar insurance claim, you shouldn’t be forced to pay extra for the ringtones afterwards.

  6. foxracer87

    I found a website that fixs the mp3 ringtone problem!!!!! It worked for me!!!! Check it out.