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200 responses to “Alltel Launches LG Scoop”

  1. What technology do you have that you are not using? - Tek Zeno/Jacqueline Derby, Ph.D.

    […] a phone.  I didn’t use it for anything else!  When it came time to trade it in I decided on an Alltel Scoop and I loved it….. until now.  What happened?  My daughter and husband each brought home a HTC […]

  2. paige

    how long do they last with out having something wrong with them.

  3. lauren

    i luuvv this phone i want 1 soooo bad i want a lime green 1 these phones r sooooo hooottt!!!!!!!!!!!!<33

  4. brettany rene

    ok yeh this is brettany rene an i do not have an lg yet but i want one so bad i have a blackberry storm right now but as soon as i can i am goiin to get an lg yehh bay-b

  5. jerica

    the most i can text in my phone is 160 characters. i was wondering if i could change this.

  6. Sarah

    OK i got an LG SCOOP from alltel in August of 08……my problem is when my someone txts me a ringtone or an audio it wont download or save as a ringtone. I can see it in my audios, and when i go to my ringtones it wont show them. please help!!!!!!!

  7. xddjsd

    i love someone

  8. Matt

    Do not buy the scoop no matter what. It has soooo many problems i cant stand it. i would rather have some cheap phone than the scoop. the battery last like less than a day and the buttons fall out easy. DO NOT BUY THE SCOOP!

  9. Melissa

    Okay i got the LG scoop as of June of 08. My problem is when i will be texting or using my phone for other things it will just shut off on its own. Does anybody know why this is happening. I love the phone its great, but it’s really starting to bug me when it shuts off.

  10. Marcie

    I got my phone about a week ago and when I go to audios and click on options it does not have the options set as; however my co-worker does. Another that doesn’t work, in the book it says you can go to Shuffle the Ringtone List, Options, set ringtone, but when I click on List it says, “Ringtone List folder is empty”. So now it can see my audios and ringtones and apparently it can see it’s own ringtones? I saw your work around on ringtones at Howard Forums. Does it have a mac version? Also, why wouldn’t my phone see it’s own ringtones? I know I have the right microsd card because the person at Radio Shack knew which one to pick that was compatible.

  11. rockstar

    When I put my charger, in my phone it doesn’t charge anymore. I had this phone for about, 3 or 4 months now and every problem you guys have all had I HAVE HAD TO. I mean i payed a lot for that phone and i just want to know why would a good phone like this one have so many difficulties in it. But anyways can anyone please tell me what you guys think I should do please?

  12. mitsurika

    um hi.yea can someone help me take off the world clock display on the main screen?i set it thinking id like having it up there but i dont so i wanna disable it.please help.thanks.

  13. AllyB

    MITSURIKA: Go to Menu/Settings/Display/Clocks/ and from the drop down menu select analog or digital for the Scoop phone.

  14. katie

    OMG!!! I want a blue lg scoop my friend dezzy has one and i am so jeolous!!! I love these phones i might get 1 4 my b-day!!

  15. Bekah

    Got a new phone after no one could understand me on the old one * now I can’t use this one unless it is on the charger. It just dies the second I take it off – Alltel says I will have to buy a new batt and that is such crap I didn’t break it their phone did!

  16. DallasMark

    I bought an LG Scoop phone that lasted two weeks until the screen went out – the screen looks like a zebra – white background with a few wide black lines – almost looks like some sort of pattern. Took it to the Alltel store in Roswell, NM and they were less than helpful.

    I see others have had this problem, but haven”t run across any posted solutions. Easy to assume that its broke, but it failed after two weeks of normal use. The Alltel store said it was probably dropped and they refused to help me.

    Call me an extremely dissatisfied customer.

  17. Kristy

    I have an LG Scoop and I don’t get any reception. I see back in 2008 they were a good phone as far as reception was concerned. What happened??? And when I text, it stops I have to shut it and open it back up to get it to work. I have had the phone for almost two months and I rarely use it. My husband who has a razr gets full reception and when I look at my phone there is none.
    The Alltel store said I probably dropped it in water and it has water damage. I know I did not drop it in water. I live one hour from the Alltel store and they want me to come up there. If it does have water damage it was not from me.

    HOW WOULD I KNOW IF IT HAS WATER DAMAGE? There is a sticker on the phone near the battery that is white with red x’s.

  18. AllyB

    Its a good phone for texters. Thats about all I can say about it. Sure it has a music player and you can put in a memory card but you cant use any of the audio from the memory card for ringtones. The one and only way I knew how to add ringtones you wanted to this phone was by using the website but now suddenly its no longer working for my phone. So if you want to add ringtones of your choice you have to buy them or try to get people you know that have some you like to send them to you IF it works. Im kind of dissapointed in this phone now and Im about to get a new phone. But its great for texting. Thats the only plus.

  19. justic

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  20. justic

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  21. justic

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  22. taylor

    ive had the lg scoop for less than a month and i turned it off last night because i wasnt getting messages. then when i turned it back on it just kept resetting itself and hasnt stopped since. is there ANYTHING i can do to fix it without havingg to go to alltel or get a new one?

  23. becky

    if the sticker on the back under the battery has water damaged is it white with red x’s or does it normally look like that? thanks.

  24. Christopher Price

    White with red X’s is normal. When your phone is submerged in water, those X’s will smear, and typically turn the entire sticker red.

  25. Jasmine

    like where i put the charger at is broke on my scoop is broke what do i do

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  27. andrew

    go to and ringtones are free! so are backgrounds and screensavers… but only if you have internet on your phone

  28. mr.

    i cant get music from my sd card to my music..any suggestions how????????

  29. Maya

    okay, everything is wroking fine on my scoop except I can’t send or receive pictures. It gives me a website and a passcode to get the one I receive and when I send it looks like it’s going to complete but then it stops. Is it because my phone is PrePaid?? also, I can’t figure out how to do my voice mail. I don’t live near an alltel store and from the sounds of it they don’t help much. Can anyone help me??

  30. China

    Ok I Got Dis Fone Nd I Have Set eVERything Up,But Everytime I I Hook Up The Cable 2 Tha Computer Nd Click Connect..It Will Say Something About The Modem??I Need Help ASAP!!

  31. Byron

    okay so i have a Scoop and my friends try and send me pics but it doesnt come thru and i dont get it is it because the size of the picture or is it just the phone HELP

  32. angrymomma

    My son has the scoop. Both him and I got new phones on 9-11-08 and since then, he has been through 3 scoops! The store has always sent a replacement phone, due to his battery port not charging. I’m sick and tired of running to the alltel store and complaining about this. I am going to try and see if they can just upgrade his phone to the banter. There is no reason why we should keep fussing around with this scoop that causes more headaches on us! My daughter has had her banter now for just over 2 months and no problems yet! Hoping for a good visit today at the store!

  33. tracy

    my phone had 1 beep on screen what does that mean?

  34. Lynda

    LG Scoops are bad phones! Have had problems with one that is seven months old. Not only that but the water damage indicator is on the detachable phone back. So take the back off your phone, place it near something that might get a drop of water in just the right place and your warranty is null and void. Regardless that the phone it’s self did not come into contact with water, only the detachable back. I am feeling very ripped off right now!


    dont buy the f-in fone! ity freaking sucks! and the letters fade out awya easiyl!!!! and the freaking chrager will snap and brake! im wat=rning you,DONT BUY IT!~ ITS F-IN RETARED! GET SUMTHING BETTER THAN A STUPID,OLD,RAGEDY,FUNY LOKKING LS DANG SKKOP!~ :))

  36. marisaa**~~ bby

    on my LG banter, when i go on myxer and try to get a wallpaper on their the picture always comes out really small PLZZZ tell me how to fix it!! andthe company cant do anything about it we already called them and they sed delete EVERYTHING so i did. and it still didnt work! andthanks to them i have no good pics on their adn o flipping music fuck USCELLULAR

  37. Virginia

    How to download pictures from LG Scoop to my PC. Can pictures be e-mailed to Pc?

  38. andrew

    This phone, the LG Scoop, is the biggest piece of **** that i have ever owned. my tracfone worked better than this. MY phone turns off on its own, it doesnt charge right, the screen doesnt flip right sometimes. And the keyboard is retarded. It doesnt keep up with you when you type. If you are thinking of purchasing this phone, i advise you not to. The Ringtones dont transfer correctly.

  39. Ginqerbread

    my scoop is not the best. it cuts off by itself,when i use my keyboard n delete sum things i dont need it erases the whole message i jus had n im lyk WTF!!! n i dont lyk the fact that you kant set music that is sent to you as yur ringtone!! alltel please do better!! payin 4 songs is costly n they cost 2 much!! 2.99 for a song that only last 4 a good 15 seconds!!! scoops are resonable but needs some serious adjustments!!!

  40. nichole

    Woooow.. and i thought it was jus me that hated these phones.
    My scoop sucks!! Yea its kindaa old but from readin what other people got to say it sucks even when its new?!
    My keyboard be doin the same thing, and my screen freezes up sometimes to. And yea i also hate the fact that some ringtones you get, you cant set them as your ringtone..
    I been wantin a scoop for sooo long but now that i got one i jus want my old phone back.. Haha gay scoops!!

  41. TRACY

    I can’t figure out how to set up my voicemail..If you go to vm it will let me leave a message for myself but never prompts to make changes…HELP!

    and yes my track “ghetto” phone works better than this ppiece of #$@&!!

  42. Mandy

    The Scoop SUCKS. This is coming from someone who had to put up with the stupid POS for 2 whole years. I FINALLY traded it in for an enV3 and there is NO comparison. The Scoop is THE worst phone on the cellular phone market hands down. Problems current Scoop users can look forward to: No personalized ringtones, unless you’re willing to pay 4 dollars through the company + $10 download fee for a low-quality tone, charger port literally falling out of the phone after a while, screen freezing up and acting up, LED lights on the QWERTY keyboard burning out, phone randomly shutting down, entire text messages erasing when you attempt to delete one or two characters, battery pack loosening, and that’s ALL within the first year. My advice would be to RUN back to your provider and exchange or return the phone AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  43. tia

    trying to pair my alltel scoop with my new bluetooth. cant find the book it came with. wht is the autentication code for the bluetooth connection

  44. Taylor Hicks


  45. nancy

    my lg scoop screen is messed up..i have all my babies pictures on it…i need step-by-step (every single button i need to press) instructions to transfer them onto and sd card!!! please help!!!

  46. Beth

    How do I turn off the 1 beep on my LG alltel slide phone? Thanks!

  47. krysta

    I Just Got The Phone And I tried to put it on silent and its not working. i tried everything. please help:) thanks.

  48. Anonymous

    This phone was awesome the first time i got, but after a lil wile with it, it got pretty boring! I mean it doesn’t allow you to use any of your ringtones for your message tone! I hated that, but got over it. Then when i got into taking pictures, I couldn’t! The camera is terrible! 1.3?? They could have done better. And sometimes while I’m texting on the qwerty keyboard it doesn’t recognize many of the buttons i’ve pressed, so i end up with a kizzilion mistakes! So ofcourse I try to erase it. If i press the erase button more than once sometimes it erases ALL of what i have written! I have already had THREE replacementsfor this phone! Every time I’ve need a replacement was because the screen would start to blink and sometimes go completely black without turning off! It was terrible, so Pantech Crux, here i come!

  49. Melissa

    Anyone know if the ringtone from work on the LG?

  50. Ellen

    I have an Lg slide Alltell phone. As we all know ATT bought out alltel. There some text messages on the phone that I need for court purposes. Is there any way I can download them onto my pc.