10 responses to “Alltel Advertisement Introduces LG Glimmer”

  1. Mark lund

    when will it be released

  2. alltel man

    actually the rumored release date is March 13th, as alltel releases new phones only on Thursdays.

  3. MrME

    serious phone probably the best so far that i have owned

  4. Ben

    Best touch phone from alltel that doesn’t run WM6. Period. My only real complaint is that it has that piece of crap proprietary web browser when all other phones running the new OS have a full HTML browswer. Why the crap for us? That and the stupid LG ascending ring has always been stupid, i don’t know why they haven’t changed it yet.

  5. jon

    i hate the asscending ringtone on this phone i always miss my calls they need to fix it

  6. kristen

    can u set a song as the ringtone??

  7. Alltel's LG Glimmer Leaked : Specs, reviews and prices.

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  8. Cameron

    i HATE my glimmer. the touch screen doesnt work as good as it did at first anymore.

  9. 7cardstud


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