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9 responses to “WMWifiRouter Gives 3G to iPhone, iPod, And Anything Else”

  1. Leon

    Let me get this str8. Carry two phones so that the slow phone can drain the battery of the fast phone so the slow phone can get 3g like the fast phone..and then do what??? watch youtube videos? I have both phones and see it working but for what reason would I ever need the iphone to leech off the Mogul for. Edge sucks but its not worth killing the moguls battery for youtube..because there isnt much the iphone can do to start with.

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  3. CMUcooper

    I’m confused once again….many of us windows mobile users have been using this software for a while now so that we can use our phones as wifi routers to our laptops yet only when you guys see that it is useful with the IPHONE do you report on it? This site no matter how you dress it up and change the format of how the news gets to the viewer, its still biased how about we work on that for a change and leave the format alone.

  4. scarry cat

    WAY OFF TOPIC, but why move from Joomla to wordpress? I build with joomla and you’re scarring me here, what’s the advantage?

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