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7 responses to “What Would you Ask the N-Series Team?”

  1. Dan H.

    When is the N810 WiMax going to be out? Can I have one?

    Where are all of the N-Series CDMA devices? Are Sprint and Nokia working on anything at this point?

  2. Eric

    I would like a followup to the N80. I would like something in the HTC touch pro form factor. I would like my E51 to connect to wpa encrypted hotspots without rebooting. I would like my N80 to work with wpa2. When will the “Download!” app be useful? Are you going to match “the app store” of that other company? There are two people at my office with S60 devices that have never installed one application. How can I convince them to take the plunge? Can you can bring the E71 to T-Mobile’s 1700Mhz 3G network? When are we getting a proper vpn client?

    Oh, I am really getting sick of QVGA!

    btw – The site looks nice on my E51. I heard about you from WAP Review.

    Thanks. I love S60 and the Mobile Web.

  3. Nokiaharry

    When is the N96 going to be released ??

  4. Frank

    We need CDMA N-series phone! Are you in plans to release a n-series with CDMA technology?

  5. Zed


    1) Did anyone actually do any usability studies before
    releasing the product? The functionality of the UI is
    retarded: least likely function is first e.g. bluetooth
    menu – when selecting a paired device, it automatically
    defaults to “find new device” rather than “connect to device”.
    I could go on with other references, but really why

    2) WiFi is massively unreliable – Why? My N800 is like a
    pitbull’s jaws when it locks onto a access point – is this a
    HW issue or FW?

    3) No WMV support?!

    4) The music player has no FF or RW function and seek!
    What’s up with that?!

    5) The SMB feature is pretty much unusable: I have yet to
    get it to work w/ a computer

    6) Can/will such issues be addressed/fixed in future firmwares?

    7) Will Nokia pay more attention to usability in the overall future
    rather than just trying to cram as much shit in the box given the
    focus that Apple does to this critical device aspect?


    (I both love and hate my N95)

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