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12 responses to “What would you ask Nokia CDMA?”

  1. Steven Ourada

    What’s the timeline for a CDMA device from Nokia built on the Maemo platform, so that we can have a Linux-based smartphone with an open software stack (i.e., I can install or create any software I want) on our favorite CDMA carriers?

  2. Stevo

    Can we look forward to more Nokia phones for Verizon? Hopefully clam-shell.

  3. Chase

    Can we please, please have one, just one, Nseries device for CDMA? PLEASE! N82 or N95 for CDMA! PLEASE!

  4. Humberto Saabedra

    I’d like to know whether they will work more closely with Sprint regarding CDMA development now that the partnership with Xohm extends to hardware devices. I would have loved to have seen the 6265i on Sprint since it was such a perfect device.

  5. mike

    Does Nokia have any plans to bring higher end S60 devices to CDMA. I am in love with the quality and reliability of Nokia and have owned 7 different models in the last decade or so, but my carrier of choice is now CDMA and until there is convergence on a singal standard it sucks not having the nicer phones available. P.S. I am so happy that Nokia decided to return to the CDMA handset market.

  6. Christopher

    As (sortoff) mentioned here, I would love to see if Nokia is planning on making any symbian devices to cdma. I’d love to find one, but so far they don’t exist….

  7. Brian Sechrest

    I have to echo Chase, it would be pretty awesome to see an N82 on Sprint.

  8. That Guy

    CDMA Smarthphones for!!!!

    Sprint, Alltel, Verizon… the lot!!! CDMA smartphones!!!

  9. kenneth

    I had a basic Nokia VI-3155i(last one they carried) with Sprint. It held a signal better than any Sprint phone I’ve ever had(Sanyo, Samsung, Lg, Palm, or Blackberry). My second mobile phone(after a brick Moto) was like a Nokia 5165 off Cellular One. I loved that phone(remember the game snake). So the possibility of Nokia coming back CDMA is great.

  10. Matt

    Will NOK embrace “thin” in the U.S. CDMA market?

  11. Brian

    When can we expect some true Nokia phones for Verizon?

  12. Andy

    Just a wish list:

    * That Nokia gets back in the game with Verizon wireless, and not offer
    rebranded Pantech phones.

    * That the phones have ports to plug in external antennas, just
    like on the old 3285s.

    * That the new Nokias have the same mind blowing RF reception and durability as the old 3285s and 3589s.