Welcome to the new site!

Why the heck did I do this? I have a working web site reporting about two amazing cell phones, and I go and change everything.

A lot of you know me from HowardForums and SprintUsers, two really great sites with simply amazing forums. The problem is that they are both centered around their forums, and do not provide much in terms of news (unless you wade through the thousands of posts). My site intends to fill that void between discussion and reference, community and the pavement, and provide people with some useful services to make using Sprint PCS better, as well as a nice up-to-date newsfeed of what is going on with Sprint PCS.

So check it out, the Sprint Store Rating System is up, running, and waiting for your submissions. Check it out in the Content section…

Everything from T608Users.com has been preserved; you do not need to register again.

User submissions for a new logo are welcome, I’m in no hurry to put one up (the one-pixel-black-dot has served me well in the past).