VZW And Nortel Team Up for EVDO Rev A

Verizon Wirelless and Nortel announced today that Nortel will begin supplying EVDO rev. A equipment to Verizon Wireless in the 3rd Quarter of 2006.

EVDO rev. A will boost download speeds to a maximum of 3.1 Mbps. Upload speeds are increased to 1.8 Mbps as well. Allowing for applications such as VOIP to be implemented.

Not to mention real time video streaming capabilities. Among many other real time applications.

“Successful trials of EV-DO Rev. A have demonstrated the technology’s potential for taking the Verizon Wireless broadband experience to new heights,” said Ed Salas, vice president of network planning, Verizon Wireless. “We look forward to continuing to bring new services to the market based on our enhanced network capabilities.

If VZW’s implementation of EVDO rev. A begins in the third quarter of this year that will put VZW ahead of Sprint Nextels scheduled release of EVDO rev. A.
No financial terms were disclosed for this supply contract.

VZW Press release