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7 responses to “3G Unrestrictor Imposes Net Neutrality on AT&T, Gives Slingers 3G/EDGE SlingPlayer”

  1. Mandeep Bhullar

    I’ve created a video tutorial for 3G Unrestrictor application. The Video is available at:


  2. Chris

    Wow… Just bought 3G Unrestrictor. $2.00 seems like a real bargain to have the abilities that should have been included with the iPhone in the first place. It’s well worth the fee just to be able to purchase and download apps that are over 10mb in size… not to mention being able to use apps like Joost over 3G. I’m looking forward to the [bus] ride home tonight already!

    Now to go purchase a VoIP app and set it up so that I can use my home phone line to make/receive calls as well… That should allow me to cut back voice service to a lower tier and save some money– a welcome option, given our nation’s current economic circumstances.

  3. Anthony

    I downloaded this app and it seems like a real bargin. I have no use for voip or slingplayer but it is nice to have good quality videos on the go with you tube. Also for the MLB fans like me Crash-x says he is trying to configure this app to work with the MLB at bat app, so that you don’t have to put up with the diminished quality videos.

  4. Bill

    Is it possible to install this on my 3gs 3.1 phone that is NOT jailbroken?
    There is no jail brake for my phone as of yet.

  5. physicaltherapy

    I’ve posted this same message on several websites just to save you the end user money. Don’t waste your cash on this app, with regards to the Slingplayer. I jailbroke my iPhone thinking that I’d be able to run Slingplayer with this particular APP; well it doesn’t work. Crash-x should put some time into making it work with SLING. Who cares about MLB? Sling is the app everyone wants working on 3G. Get it right!

  6. Jahy

    you re an idit it works on slingplayer! you just dont know how to F read and use the application, you have to go to the setting and allow slingplayer to connect using 3g you noob, that is why you have to eyes and one mouth! but in your care it looks like you have ONE eye and TWO BIG MOUTH.

  7. Unknown GUYYY

    If anybody actually paid money for MYWI or 3g unrestrictor….your an idiot!!!!! do some research on youtube. you can acess another source by opening cydia going to manage> sources> edit> then downloading the cracked versions of both!!