Virgin Mobile Says “Aloha” to LG

Virgin Mobile on August 16th issued a press release announcing the release of the LG Aloha phone.

The LG Aloha for Virgin Mobile

This basic clamshell is slated to be priced at $34.95 with all the basics:

  • 3.5-inches long by 1.9-inches wide, with
    a thickness of 0.9-inches
  • weighs in at 2.7-ounces
  • can hold up to 199 personal contacts, with five numbers, three email addresses and one URL
    slot available for each
  • up to 180 minutes of talk time
    and 150 hours of standby time
  • Ability to play real music and animated ringtones
  • Several games preloaded.

In addition, to celebrate the beginning of their relationship with LG, Virgin Mobile will make several phones available to various emerging and established visual artists, who will decorate the phones. The phones will then be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to VM’s philanthropic initiative, The RE*Generation.