7 responses to “Virgin Mobile Announces New Slider Slash”

  1. cow

    the phone sucks,it has a small screen, a out of date key pad and lets face it when has virgin mobile ever had a phone that compeated with any of the major carriers phones. Virgin needs to change their appeals to middle to higher class people who want a cool phone with cool applications like video and video text as well as mobile TV and audio messages. The price doews not matter the preformence does, why chose a carrier with stuped phones that are known by all to suck and be outdated

  2. joseph

    well the phone screen is kinda small but the phone itself is super small. what do you expect on a small phone?
    the phone has a buncha things like internet(including myspace), aol instant messenger, yahoo messenger, audio messages, and alot more. the phone has an outstanding camra and unbelivable speakers. the phone is awsome and so are other phones from virginmobile. i had been with virginmobile for over 4 years. my first phone was the nokia shorty. my bliefe is the switchback is the best phone. the wild card is a piace of s***. the screen is tooo small on that little thing. but overall i give the new slash a 8 outa 10. and i wish virninmobile the best of luck!!

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  4. Steven Ellis

    The screen is small but thats a good thing. I would like the phone better if it had an mp3 player along with internet, and a camera. But yeah, i think the Kyocera Sonic Slider is the best. This phone is hot i rate it a 8 also out of 10.

  5. isiah

    i have almost all of the virgin moblie phones n the best one was the sonic slider

  6. steven

    The Phone lookZ hott and Virgin mobile’s service is “OK” I dont have TOO many problems with them but my SWITCH_BACK with Recently CRAZHED ON ME!! is gone THat Phone wuS awesome but now im going to move on to the slash I Recieve it in 1 more day …CANT WAIT!! =]

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