Verizon V3c Owners: Get a Free V3m (Updated)

There is a current issue with Verizon Motorola V3c RAZR units and Mobile IM. Going to Get It Now > Get Going > Select Mobile IM > Options > Upgrade Check results in a looping bug that damages Mobile IM.

It is not clear if this is a firmware bug, or a Mobile IM issue. However, downloading the latest version of Mobile IM results in damaging the Mobile IM application. Sometimes, the new version does not save properly, resulting in the update not installing. In this case, users that re-download the update are met with a frozen Get it Now when trying to launch Mobile IM.

Because Mobile IM is built-in to the phone, once it is damaged in the device via the software update, it cannot be repaired currently. PCS Intel has been aware of this issue for months, but has not reported on the issue to give Verizon Wireless time to correct the issue. Verizon has not responded to our requests for status on this active issue.

The latest Mobile IM update was intended to offer a new look-and-feel, as well as proper support for the newly merged MSN and Yahoo instant messaging services. It is essential to update for proper IM use among all three major IM providers.

This issue affects both the recent firmware version and prior firmware versions, making the problem appear to be product-wide.

At present, the only fix Verizon Wireless is offering is a warranty exchange with a Motorola V3m RAZR.

Update: Some are claiming that firmware GATW_01.18.02 fixes this issue. It does not, the issue is present in this latest release, as we indicated in the article.